Privacy Policy

This privacy statement describes how personal information you provide is collected and used by the Trackword Android Application available from the Google Play and Amazon App Stores.

Social Networks

In order to enable some features reliant on services provided by Google, this application allows you to sign in with your Google account. This is completely optional, and the application will work without these features should you choose not to sign in to the application with Google.

You can manage whether, or to what extent your activity with this application is shared with others via Google Play Games. Google provides comprehensive instructions on how you can do this.

Data Collection

Data about how you use the application are collected. This includes details about how and when features of the application are used, and generic information about the device it is installed on. The information is collected for the purpose of improving the application. No personally-identifying information is collected.

In the event that the application crashes or stops working, an error report may be submitted to the developer. Any such reports contain no personally-identifying information. Such reports will only contain details about the model, hardware, capabilities, features of the device and information relevant to the failure of the application to enable such failures to be rectified.


Should you choose or need to contact the developer (, any information received from you will be managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

Policy last updated 10/11/2021.